There are unique ways in which men and male identified people are getting a raw deal. The negative messaging that men experience on a day to day basis is deeply damaging and most of us don’t even know its happening.

The message is:
Be independent, strong and stoic. Tough it out. Be powerful and productive. Be superhuman.
If you fail to meet these (impossible) standards, you are not a “real man”, you won’t find love and you have no value.

As men strive to meet these standards set either at home or by the larger society (often both) they have to disconnect from critical parts of their humanity in order to achieve superhuman status.

This disconnect can be the root of all kinds of misery: addictions, problems controlling anger, conflicts with others, loss of concentration or focus, failing relationships, feeling alienated and alone, feeling “flat” or constant worry and tormenting thought loops.

Getting yourself to therapy is no small task when you have told your whole life that you should be able to fix every problem by yourself.

It takes courage to make the move toward something new and unknown.